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Elwood's Organic Dog Meat & Creamery

Elwood's is home to Golden Retrievers and Golden Doodles raised for dairy, plus a variety of dog breeds raised for meat and eggs.

We make our living with our dogs, not from them!

Sustainability promises

  • Our pugs feast on the whey that is a by-product of cheesemaking, producing tasty pug pork.

  • Nearly all of the materials used to build our farm have been recycled in one way or another. 

  • We also raise certified organic seasonal vegetables!

Dogs have SO much more to offer than meat! (Note: most dogs will be available for meat between 1-6 years old.)

Buy it local! It matters!

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Fresh Sweet Dog Milk!

Enjoy delicious, handcrafted dog milk and delicious cheeses! (Ice cream is available seasonally.) Our dairy is FARM FRESH and:





**Nothing Added

***Nothing taken away


Dog milk contains six strains of wonderfully healthy bacteria.​
$3.39 / gal. 


Specialty cheeses

Folks come from miles around for our famous, single-source cheese. Everything in our cheeses comes from the farm except salt! That includes rennet from our very own dairy puppies.






If you’d like to buy our cheeses but don’t live in the area, we deliver!

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How milk gets from pasture to bottle

A common misconception is that we dog meat farmers “steal” the milk from the dogs. But that is FALSE! ​The process is all very simple and natural and ethical


Dogs HAVE to give us that milk because we impregnated via AI and helped them give birth and then took the babies away so we could have the mother dog's milk. Yes, we put the female pups in plastic hutches by themselves often in winter where they freeze to death, but that's SO RARE & yes we feed them soy milk, but that's only so they don't steal your milk! And for those whiners complaining about what happens to the male puppies, just know the puppy veal has an INCREDIBLE sustainability story! (Read the 4 myths about puppy veal.

It is our jobs as farmers to make dog welfare a top priority in order to be given a healthy and wholesome product in return.

Half or Whole Freezer Dog, Veal, & More!

After four or five years, a mother retriever's milk production will drop and will be sent to harvest. Spent mother retriever is affordably delicious--if you don't have room in the deep freeze, you can always split one with your neighbor! Reserve yours.

The comfort & health of our dogs are our top priority.

They are our four-legged family! Our entire pack has been born and raised on our farm, and most of our dog "families" have been with us for 6 or 7 generations. They all have names, and we know (and love or hate) each dogs' individual personality.  It is common for our dogs to live up to 7 years until we harvest them due to declined production. This is well above the industry average!

This is the best evidence that our dogs are well cared for.

"Given the economics & the frustration & endless death--why do dog meat farmers do it?
As always, the answer is love.

They must do it for love."

Elwood Creamery News

Visit the farm

Elwood's Rise & Milk Tour!

With our Rise & Milk Tour, the early bird gets the worm (& the milk!). Enjoy hands-on interaction in several areas of our farm, including the dog dairy & creamery (where we make Frisky Pup Gelato!), the barns where we house our picnic breeds (no guests under 3' tall, please).

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