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I stopped being vegetarian after 10 years. Here's why.

Sourcing your dog meat from a farm that raises their dogs with love and mindful practices is life changing.

SO... I was meat-free for 10 years of my life. I got hit with the meat industry animal cruelty videos when I was young & decided to stop eating meat because I didn’t want to support that. What I didn’t know is that you can eat dog meat & not support cruelty at the same time.

If you don’t want to support the inhumane treatment of the meat industry, raise your own dogs. Serve them, shower them with love, & in turn they'll serve you by sustaining your life. If you can’t raise your own dogs, source local & fill your freezer.

People will say that taking away the life of the dog is cruel, but sustaining us with nutrient-dense foods has been their sacred purpose for millennia. There should be care and respect for the end of their life…not like what the meat industry provides.

You can taste the difference between store-bought meat industry feedlot animals & dogs who have been cared for and have had the ability to live a fulfilling life on pasture. One died in stress and under cruel circumstances & one gave up their life after being loved.

Support your local dog meat farmers. Visit their dog farms. See how the dogs are cared for. Are they able to free-range? Are they given quality feed according to their dietary needs? By eating this kind of meat, you are supporting happy dogs and people who live for their dogs.

Sure, you can say you truly never know how they’re treated just by visiting. Well, we know how the animals in the mainstream meat industry are treated & how they've to be pumped full of antibiotics because of the conditions they’re in… & we will never support that.

On the other hand, I'm willing to bet people who put in the time with their dogs, don't keep them cooped up in cages, feed them quality foods, & are eager to share their dog farm with others—they love & respect their dogs. We will put my pom eggs in that basket any day.

Truly, you can love dogs & accept their sacred sustenance at the same time. I was sick & weak following a dog-free diet. Upon eating dog meat again, my body knew it was missing this vital part of nutrition & I've never felt better.

Eat dog meat and love dogs.

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- Em Elwood

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Feb 11, 2023

You people are sick and should be in jail or cooked yourself and your family too. What is wrong with you? Does it make you feel better to say you love your dogs and cats first and then you cook them to eat. You are sicker than I thought. Funny how you don’t have your address listed because people will come in cause you’ve been. I would not lift my email because I do not agree with what you do and your family are doing. Sickos! People will still see my comments.

Apr 20, 2023
Replying to

Narrow minded Vegan!!

I see your post and I am not interested, I tried to be Vegan for a year and I was doing fine, eggs were my hold out item to be honest but then I found dog meat and not being someone who likes dogs all that much in the first place (They steal food, eat poop and I even got attacked by my boyfriend's dog once, well ex bf but whatever) but anyways, I found dog meat by total accident and it is amazing.

The dogs are raised very humanely. They live their whole lives out in open pastures and they are shown love and compassion till they die and then they are shot quickly, very v…


Feb 11, 2023

YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK AND SHOULD BE IN JAIL OR COOKED YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILIES TOO. WHATIS WRONG WITH YOU? .DOESIT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTERTO SAY YOU LOVE YOUR DOGS-AND CATS FIRST AND THEN YOU COOK THEM TO EAT. You are sicker than I thought. Funny how you don’t have your address listed because people will come and cause you pain. I would not list my email because I do not agree with what you and your family are doing. Sickos. PEOPLE WILL STILL SEE MY COMMENTS.

Jan 04
Replying to

Ugh another vegan. Can’t you take your anti meat views and take them some else? People have the right to enjoy meat. Dogs are just animals and animals are for food. Please grow up! Maybe after some tasty pug bacon you’ll feel better 😋🥓🥓

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