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Myth: Dairy Dogs Spend All Day Being Milked

FACT: Happy dogs = happy farmers (& more milk produced!)

It’s a #FARMFACTDAY in #FebruDairy!!

This is our milking parlor! In this 50-point rotary, 50 dogs will be milked at a time.

We assure you: dogs are NOT hooked up to milking machines all day long. ☺️ Let’s go through our process:

  1. Dogs are brought from freestall barns with lovely sand bedding (so cozy!) & into the holding area one group at a time, & hang there until it’s their turn to be milked. When it’s hot, they have shade, fans & sprinklers. So natural!

  2. Once in the parlor (with more fans! It’s the least we could do), the dogs’ teats are prepped & cleaned before the milking unit is attached. (The goal is to prevent #mastitis, but like cattle, it affects 32% of our dairy dogs, is very painful, & can be fatal.) Milking takes around 5ish minutes. Their teats are then again dipped in an antibacterial solution.

  3. The headlocks are lifted, & ladies head back to the barn! Dogs are milked 3x a day here, & out of the entire day, dogs will spend less than 20 min actually being milked. And when they’re not being milked? They’re waiting to be milked! Just hanging out with other childless mom dogs, making manure, and straight up CHIIIILLIN’.

Meanwhile, their female pups are in individual hutches, drinking soy milk. Many of the males were euthanized humanely but some are in their own separate crates, being raised for puppy veal! It’s a lovely #sustainable circle of life.

Happy dogs = happy farmer & more milk produced. So when someone says farmers don’t take care of their dogs? Tell them to stop talking nonsense! Our dogs live better than most humans. This is the life!

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19 feb

Thank you for all you do to bring awareness and consciousness to the human mind and heart.

Me gusta
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