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Elwood's Organic Dog Meat came from our quest to create a vegan bumper sticker with the most impact. When we realized there wasn't a bumper sticker big enough to cover all the bases, we designed the In-Your-Face Car Magnet to drive to this website. We may have been drinking.

Think "dog meat" could drive real change? 
Us, too. Well, maybe. Either way, we'd love your help starting awkward conversations and bringing others to our site. ​

About the Farm Swag

We are making this stuff using the internet magic of print on demand! It's a tangled web of clip art and 3rd party folks who print and ship stuff for small businesses. As such, please expect slower shipping. If anything really sucks, let us know and we'll make it right.

Also, we make very little profit from this stuff. Most is sold at cost--if it's expensive, it's because we don't have time to figure out cheaper alternatives. Sorry!


  • Bonfire: Tees, hoodies, tanks, mug, tote bags

  • Etsy: Leave behind cards, stickers, patches, and random stuff

  • Cafe Press: In-Your-Face Car Magnet

  • Zazzle: QR code sticker sheets

  • FREE printable downloads: Brochures, leave behind cards, posters, & more—all below!

Click on each product for more info.


Elwood Dog Meat Brochure

It's the website, as a printable brochure.

Double-sided 8.5 x 11 trifold brochure featuring all the content from the homepage. Share with your friends! Leave at a relative's home! The possibilities are endless.


Support your local print shop--they may even have machines to do the folding. Download now.

Want high-quality copies? We can ship printed brochures to you (they're a bit spendy, though--sorry!).

Elwood farm outside_edited.jpg
"Visit the Farm!" Brochure

Bring the family to the farm! Free tour & program info.

Double-sided 8.5 x 11 trifold brochure featuring all the fun activities you expect from a visit to a family farm.


A great leave-behind at truck stops or your local Chamber of Commerce!

Support your local print shop--they may even have machines to do the folding. Download now.

Want high-quality copies? We can ship printed brochures to you (they're a bit spendy, though--sorry!).

Visit-the-farm front_edited.jpg
Elwood's Farm Poster

If it's local, it's gotta be good.

This poster fits right in with a variety of wild postings advertising pet-sitting, dog walking, and cooking classes. Check with your favorite shop or restaurant to see if they'd let you hang it in their window!

Looks great in color, works well in black and white. Please support your local print shop. Download now.

Elwood's Farm Poster
U-Pick Ter
doggin Poster

Spread some holiday cheer...

This is gross and we apologize. It's ready to speak some uncomfy holiday truths in all sorts of settings--the work bulletin board, the library bulletin board, a street corner outside your local charcuterie shop... (Yet again, this is mostly word-for-word from some shop selling something very similar.)


Sorry and thank you. If you do post it, please tag us on social media or send a picture!

Download now.

(UK version also available [without phone number])

"Support Your Farmer" Printable

Spread some local farm pride!

Some people really like to promote pride in shopping locally and supporting small family businesses like ours. And we support YOU in doing so! 


Display in your work cubical, tape it in your front window, post it in your dorm, mail it to your mom––the possibilities are endless. Download now! 

leave beind
Leave Behind Cards

Share farm discounts with strangers!

This is the print-at-home version of our Leave Behind Cards. Click the image to get the double-sided pdf.


In Europe or Australia and want to print professional biz cards? Download region-specific files to share with your chosen printer:

  1. UK/EU format: front and back
  2. Australia format: front and back

Want to translate these into another language? Get the Adobe Illustrator files here.


Note: We'd love to share any translations you create! Contact us.

Print at home biz card thumbnail.png
Traditional Butcher Chart

Bring a touch of class and charm to any kitchen, restaurant or interior with our stylish printable poster.

Two widths available: 7200 x 9164 and 7200 x 10800. Or download a zip file with them both.

Want high-quality copies? Get printed posters on Etsy.

elwood-dog-cut print.png
Elwood Dog Meat Gift Card

Spoil the meat lover on your holiday list or show a foodie that you also care about meat raised with love.

Double-sided 7 x 5 gift card, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.


Download a PNG zip file or PDF.

Want high-quality copies? Get printed cards with envelopes.

elwoods-dog-meat-gift-card front.jpeg

Help Share The Farm

There are TONS of things you can do for the animals using Elwood's—from sharing posts and making your own posters to hosting dog tastings and bringing the website to your country. Click the button below and find activism that speaks to you.


Password hint [7 letters, lowercase] -->
If we didn't raise dogs on our farm, they'd go _______

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