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Elwood's Knows Humane Harvest

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

We're inviting you in for a "virtual" harvest tour.

People keep asking us how we humanely harvest our picnic breeds. Well, we'll tell you!

Anti-dog meat activists want to tell you how cruel we are, but they've literally never stepped foot onto a dog farm. If they did, they'd see how humane the process is! How 100% ethical! How much we love our dogs!

Last week, we tried to LIVE stream the harvest process but Facebook took us down. So instead, we're offering this blog as a "virtual" tour.

We understand that this can be a stressful post for many of our customers, which is why we've left out the photos--and don't stress if you don't feel up for reading it. Some people don't have the stomach for the circle of life and that is completely fine. Don't let that fear keep you from filling your stomach!

Folks may say things like, "uh, maybe you should watch a documentary or read up or something to see what you're actually paying for?" but they're just being dramatic! Close your eyes and enjoy your delicious steaks without giving it the least thought! Why start now? We farmers are here to ensure that the meat pipeline keeps flowing, from farm to your fork, forever and ever. #meatflow

The virtual tour starts here

In case you didn't know, we produce around 2,500 small dogs a week. Every step, from breeding the dogs to raising the puppies to slaughtering, processing, packaging, and shipping––that's right! It all takes place right on-site. Being in one place makes it wholesome.

In our killing room, the dogs are all stunned in electrified water before we slaughter them, so they're completely unconscious. The stunning makes for a quick, painless death––except for the initial electrocution, but it's so quick. And how could being electrocuted to unconsciousness be painful? Or scary? It's really not. The stunned, living dogs are then zipped upside down, assembly line–style, to a machine that takes them from the stunning station to the killing/bleeding station where––you know––and then they go to our team of low-paid workers who skin them.

Then we air-chill them and allow them to dry overnight! Easy peasy.

Now, the good part. The dogs are freshly killed and skinned, they're ready to be eviscerated and broken down into their various parts. A team of workers unloads the dogs onto a conveyer belt where the skilled workers go at them, each one making a few vital cuts, assembly-line–style. The various cuts are removed and individually packaged to be sold fresh to our customers, local chefs, and gourmet butchers.

We use and sell every part of the dog, except the heads and feet. Using all the parts makes it ok! It's what our ancestors did and while we don't care about being attentive to waste in any other aspect of our lives, somehow using most of the dog really makes a lot of sense. Maybe it's because we value their lives...? Otherwise, why would we treat the dogs with such care? Interesting thought.

Also worth noting: The killing room is absolutely spotless! The countertops and conveyor belts are all gleaming stainless steel, and things are clean and organized. When you look at it in this light, this cleanliness can make you feel good inside, so you don't have to feel anxiety about whether this is the right thing to do or not. Because it's totally the right thing to do.

The only question left for you is which cut to choose! Shop now:

Ready to jump in yourself? Our next DIY Dog Harvest Workshop is just around the corner! Reserve your Spot.

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Garlic roasted Jack Russell was the best!!!! Tyvm for the best Dog Meat in North America!!!!



I always buy my dog meat sausages from Elwood, literally the best tasting dog meat in America. My family does not even know it’s dog that they’re eating! But they love it!

It really is finger-licking good! :D





How’s protein-deficiency treating you? Silly vegan, it’s gross that you eat vegetables that grow from dirt.

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