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Onward and Upward

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

An update on the American dog flu situation.

First, we want to say that things are going well and we don't want to alarm anyone. Many of our dog packs are still out in the fields. We're happy and we're thriving!

But we want to address the possible American dog flu outbreak, which several people have been writing to us about. No deaths have been directly linked to our farm, but in full transparency, we did want to address some of the news reports and say: Yes, we did have to put down 37 head of dog after they tested positive for dog flu. This was painful for us: some of these dogs had names (most had numbers). It also impacted our bottom line.

But let's face the facts: dog flu is an inevitable part of this business. As an owner of a large dog farm, we do house animals by the thousands in crowded indoor facilities. But we do this to meet demand and match the low costs our customers have come to expect! Unfortunately, that's the ideal breeding ground for the mutation of viral pathogens into novel strains that can be passed on to farm workers and veterinarians. Yes, our workers are routinely exposed to dogs who can pass zoonotic infections. But this is the same for ANY farm.

Dog flu is NOT a reflection on us or our practices. We know most of you have our backs. But it is still sad to see the activists and the naysayers try to use this to denigrate us.

We are fulfilling demand safely. We continue to use sustainable regenerative farming practices. We are feeding America. We are out there every day trying our best to bring you delicious and healthy dog meat. We will not give up.

Thank you SO much to our supporters! We wouldn't be here without you.

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