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‘Feisty’ local dog escapes slaughterhouse, sprints through streets

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

One of our dogs made headlines yesterday! So wild when these things happen. Reprinted with permission from the local paper.

LOCAL, (WRAW) - A local dog didn’t paws for breath as she high-tailed it on Tuesday, tearing through the streets after escaping a nearby dog meat slaughterhouse — and briefly eluding the capture of a makeshift neighborhood team of dog rustlers.

Video posted to social media captured a host of people chasing the renegade brown dog through the neighborhood, including a man in an apron who tried to tug on the dog's tail to stop him, to no avail.

The dog powered past the tail-tugging man and then juked another guy out of his shoes as it turned down Avenue L around East 96th Street, according to two videos posted online.

"Everyone pitched in together to herd this dog."

The “feisty” meat pup was eventually rescued by lasso-wielding workers near Avenue M and 95th Street, according to Vinny Montana, the owner of nearby Original Pizza, which also serves dog meat.

“It was just running down Rockaway Parkway all the while being chased by people from the slaughterhouse who were unable to nail her down,” Montana said. “When she came into the business district, everyone pitched in together to herd this dog.”

Footage taken by workers confirms the group effort. As an employee from the pizza place waves his apron at the escaped meat dog, matador-style, a group of pedestrians give chase as well. At one point, a man in boots – presumably from the slaughterhouse – appears with a lasso.

A spokesperson for the police department said police didn’t have any information about the escape.

Back in 2017, a loose dog made headlines after it was spotted running near Prospect Park. The animal toppled a child, and was later determined to be a bull dog. The bullie was taken to a sanctuary in Watkins Glen.

It's unclear if the escaped dog will receive similar amnesty.


UPDATE: The meat dog was successfully harvested! While it’s sometimes dramatic when a meat dog escapes, we can rejoice in knowing she had one last adventure before she lived out her purpose.

Barbet sausage is back! Set the table with man’s best meat:

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