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The Reality of Factory Farms May Surprise you

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Technically, we're a big farm. But we're ALSO a family farm with small farm values.

We see and hear the words “factory farm” and "CAFO" thrown around a lot on social media and the news. It's implied they're places that are uncaring and offer little interaction between humans and dogs.

But you know what we see? Farms. And families. ❤️

Most dog farms are modernized and may get labeled as “factory farms” even though more than 97% of them are family-owned, like ours. Factory dog farms ARE family dog farms. And if it's a family, IT IS FINE. Families are fine people. And dog farming at scale delivers the cheaper dog meat that our customers demand!

So, YES, we are a dog CAFO. But we are ALSO a family dog farm with small farm values!

The combination of "family," "more affordable dog meat," and "values" should be enough to assure you! You don't have to wonder if we're humane. We are. We follow all the humane laws.

Sure, farms like ours have changed over the years. We've grown larger and use technology and robots to manage a lot of the day-to-day operations. And yes, the big "red barns" of the past are now long metal buildings designed to hold 10,000 dogs or more. (Our red barn is where we start tours and hold our DIY harvest events!)

But the values haven't changed.

Folks use the term “factory farm” to show a lack of emotion and care. And that’s just not the case! We care for our 18,000 dogs as if they were 500 dogs. And we harvest every single one with love––as well as efficiently and cost effectively, passing the savings on to you.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us, in spite of what the anti-dog meat activists might say. Hound steaks are in and ready to bless your table! Place your order now:

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